How to make a withdrawal?

Check out this simple step-by-step guide to make your withdrawal!

Step 1: Login to your JeetBuzz’s account and click “My Account”.

Step 2: Select “Withdrawal”. 

Step 3: Please complete your account verification before you proceed with the withdrawal request. Click here to learn how to verify your JeetBuzz account.

Step 4: Select ‘Local Bank’ and fill in your withdrawal amount.

Step 5: Enter your valid bank details by clicking on the “Add Bank Card” button.

Step 6: You can choose to save the card for future payments by ticking the ‘save as preferred’ option after filling in all the details.

Step 7: Click on the “Submit” button and you will receive a notification that your withdrawal has been received and is being processed. 

To check the status of the withdrawal, click on “My Account” > “Transaction Records”.


  1. Please ensure that all your information is accurate, JeetBuzz will not be liable for missing funds due to incorrect information. 
  2. Please complete your account verification before making a withdrawal.


For more details, check out the video below!

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