What is a Number Game?

A number game is played by betting on the numbers of the balls drawn from a bingo machine. There are 75 different numbers to choose from and 3 of those numbers are drawn in each game. Players may place bets during each ball interval to guess the outcome of the next ball, and different odds will be given for every single ball drawn. All game results shall be settled after each ball is drawn. 

There are 5 bet types:

1. Next Over/Under
Ball numbers 1 to 37 are considered as ‘Under’ and ball numbers 38 to 75 are considered as ‘Over’.

2. Next Odd/Even
Bet on whether the winning number will be odd or even.

3. Next Red/Blue 
Bet on the colour of the winning number.

4. Next Combo
A combination bet of Next Odd/Even and Next Red/Blue .

5. Number Wheel
It is played by betting on a single number or on a group of numbers. You can see the offered odds on a single number placed beside each ball number. There are three bet types which allow players to bet in several groups of numbers to bring you different chances for a win and different payoffs: 

i) Five-numbers bet type which are arranged horizontally in a row.
ii) Fifteen-numbers bet type either in a row or in a column based on the layout.
iii) Twenty-five numbers bet type which brings you the biggest chance of winning.

For more information, check out the video below!

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